Opening Day

The Longview Farmers Market

will be closing

on July 31, 2015



We are under the shed at the Maude Cobb Center at the Fair Grounds pavilion.


We are open
7am - 12 Noon


What's on your plate?


    Americans now more than ever are becoming increasingly   concerned about what's on their platter. You can know where  your food comes from by visiting with the farmers at the Longview Farmers Market. 
    Longview Farmers Market is the go to place for the best harvest of East Texas fruits and vegetables. Established in 1983, each morning, the tables come alive with the color of locally grown produce fresh from these East Texas farms.
    All of your favorites will be there such as those famous Jacksonville tomatoes, noonday sweet onions, Pittsburg peaches, blueberries, fresh yellow squash, zucchini, pickling cucumbers, slicing cucumbers, new potatoes, plants products are harvested the day before the market is open and made available the next morning, less then 24 hours off the vine.
   "Preserving that freshness of the local harvest is very important to our growers here at Longview Farmers Market." Daphine Claiborne wife of (PRESIDENT) Gerald Claiborne, WANTS EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY WITH THEIR
 Gerald and Daphine Claiborne are lifelong farmers from Jacksonville among others from around Longview, who display the best that East Texas has to offer each market day.
If have a problem look Daphine up. She and all our FARMER'S will try to help the best they can.
 Other products you will find are those delicious home grown cantaloupes, watermelons, pinto beans,purple hull peas, blackeye and cream peas. Peas and beans are shelled fresh at the market each day, providing you these freshness that you deserve.
   Most growers will provide you with any size containers, you may puchase by the quart or by the bushel. Just ask the smiling faces behind each farmer's table which size container to fit your need. Apart from enjoying the wonderful products available when you shop at Longview Farmers Market, your buying local and sustaining agriculture in our area.
Also preserving a great part in our East Texas heritage "The local farmer."